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Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) trilogy. Episode one. First contacts.

Hi everybody!

For my second post I have decided to start with the presentations. First will come in front my green Venus Flytrap. It is the first carnivorous plant that I have bought about five years ago from Metro. Before buying it I have heard a lot of stories, some of them even scary about carnivorous plants. I have also seen some parodies or stuff like that in which people were eaten by such plants. You can imagine what was my general image about these plants without ever seeing them at least in a real picture. So, walking around and shopping with my parents in Metro my eyes were suddenly driven to a pot. “WOW! this can’t be what I think it is!” I immediately took the pot an putted it in the cart :D.

Examination time. First impressions.

I have putted the plant on my library shelf and started to examine it.

My first impression was that the plant is very small and fragile accordingly with what was in my “media manipulated”  imagination. I wanted to have traps as big as my hand and “teeth” that could slash my skin. But no. That was just my freaky imagination and it was time to get down to Earth. The real Venus Flytrap had leafs around 4 to 5 cm long (2 inches) and traps as big as a grownups thumbnail. In my new pot there were around 6 to 7 leafs and some of them had black traps.  The “teeth” were looking like whiskers 5 mm (0.2 inches) long. This actually makes sense. You don’t need a hammer to mount a thumbtack!

My second urge was to make the plant bite, so I have putted a pencil in its mouth and BAM. So cool :D! A plant that moves, that really is cool! I immediately made the connection with other moving plant that I saw and which is the mimosa (Mimosa pudica).

Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica (image embedded from

to be continued…


First post! Hello world! Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) wallpapers!

3 pictures with Dionaea muscipula green (suitable for wallpaper).

 (1600 x 1200)

(1600 x 1200)

(2560 x 1920)